gearheads and the list-ers who love them...

i thought Andrew was kidding. 

if he wasn't, mike makes a good point. why keep
bringing up the acoustic tone thing, unless someone
asks "what amp will give me killer tone"? i think
we're grown up enough to discuss gear without becoming
nothing but gearheads. there's nothing wrong with
talking about mics and amps. it's a part of our sound
(ok, not everyone's, but a large percentage of the
populace's), and as long as there's a difference of
any kind between this amp and that amp, or this mic
and that mic, or these tubes and those tubes, then
it's worth discussing. and if just one person finds an
amp/mic they love and it makes them like to play more
often, then it's a GOOD thing. 

i thought things were getting much better lately, with
the amp and mic threads both here and on another harp
list, but maybe i spoke too soon?

- --- In harp-l-archives@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Michael
Peloquin" <peloquinharp@xxxx> wrote:
> Andrew posts:
> >Good tone comes from YOU. I don't think this is
mentioned enough in this 
> >forum. You should never forget it, okay? Indeed, if
I was running the 
> >country, every second message on Harp-L should
spell this out. The amp and 
> >mic just AREN'T important AT ALL.

> I know some people think that an amp/mic will make
them sound great, I know 
> that many years ago, I did also. I found out very
soon that it did not work 
> that way.
> I feel that I and many like me are at a point in our
musical development 
> where we CAN & WILL discuss our opinions on gear. 
> your pal in harmonica always,
> Michael Peloquin

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