Re: PLEASE, let's stop posts on acoustic tone vs. gear lust!

>Andrew posts:
>>Good tone comes from YOU. I don't think this is mentioned enough in 
>>this forum. You should never forget it, okay? Indeed, if I was 
>>running the country, every second message on Harp-L should spell 
>>this out. The amp and mic just AREN'T important AT ALL.

   J# Well, on MY planet, we aren't "quite" so passionate about it 
(either way). Tone is a good subject, gear is a good subject. But 
gear doesn't weigh down one side of the planet.

>But Andrew--some on this list have good tone and others eventually 
>will have good tone. Mics & amps make a difference then, huh?
>I think that good acoustic tone IS mentioned quite often. I would 
>guess at least once a week. Do we need to hear it daily? Hourly? 
>Every other post?

   J#Not to be a stick in the mud here, but in the last 4 years, I 
think I can count OVER half the posts being about amplifiers and 
their ancillary parts. I'm just a dummy and most of it is over my 
head, but I read it anyway. MY question would be: "How many times can 
this stuff be gone over"? First there's the Bassman, then Sonny Jr., 
Pro-tweed, the Re-Issue somethingorother. I mean, seriously? Then 
there's this tube and then that tube.
The Danelco effects pedals and associated stuff. All very 
interesting, but? Then there's discussions about PEOPLE. This goes 
back and forth then someone gets "singed" feelings. Then....

>Most harmonica instruction is aimed at beginners, why is it that our 
>posts have to also be?

    J#Doesn't seem to be a whole lot of talk about actually getting 
the harmonica to WORK. Lots of questions about when was this one made 
or that one made. I suppose explaining things in writing leaves a lot 
to be desired and wouldn't compare to a "Harmonica Camp". Also, I 
would imagine that since some people make a living at this, harp-l 
wouldn't be the place to give out this sort of info.

>I know some people think that an amp/mic will make them sound great,

   J# Ask the audience? IF they like it, it must be working. Either 
that or they don't like the sound (Per Se). If I walk to the far 
corner of a pub during the set for a sound check and several people 
confront me on the way back with comments. That's what I go by.

>  I know that many years ago, I did also. I found out very soon that 
>it did not work that way.
>I feel that I and many like me are at a point in our musical 
>development where we CAN & WILL discuss our opinions on gear.

   J#Which is fine. Just seems like having a Golfing Channel where 
everything is centered around the clubs or champions of the past and 
not much info on how to actually play.

>  I'd bet guitar players don't harp on the fact that you must have 
>good acoustic tone before you can plug in and talk about gear.

   J# I think a guitar teacher will tell you that you have to play 
acoustically before touching your hand to an "Eel". In any case, I 
read ALL the posts and am not biased in either direction, just 
calling it as I see it. A whole lot of amp/mic talk....smo-joe

>your pal in harmonica always,
>Michael Peloquin
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