PLEASE, let's stop posts on acoustic tone vs. gear lust!

Andrew posts:

>Good tone comes from YOU. I don't think this is mentioned enough in this 
>forum. You should never forget it, okay? Indeed, if I was running the 
>country, every second message on Harp-L should spell this out. The amp and 
>mic just AREN'T important AT ALL.

But Andrew--some on this list have good tone and others eventually will have 
good tone. Mics & amps make a difference then, huh?

I think that good acoustic tone IS mentioned quite often. I would guess at 
least once a week. Do we need to hear it daily? Hourly? Every other post?

Most harmonica instruction is aimed at beginners, why is it that our posts 
have to also be?

I know some people think that an amp/mic will make them sound great, I know 
that many years ago, I did also. I found out very soon that it did not work 
that way.
I feel that I and many like me are at a point in our musical development 
where we CAN & WILL discuss our opinions on gear. I'd bet guitar players 
don't harp on the fact that you must have good acoustic tone before you can 
plug in and talk about gear.

your pal in harmonica always,

Michael Peloquin

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