Lee Oskar covers

I recently bought several LO's and one harp (key of Ab) has covers which are 
higher and bulbous, compared to any other LO's i've ever played, and also 
compared to Special 20's which i usu. play.  (I don't like these larger covers, 
possibly onlyy because i'm not use to it.)  
  Can anyone pls. tell me what the deal is re these larger covers?  Is it 
something new and now the standard LO cover, or what?
  Thanks in advance, 
PS: i havent posted since i've been on digest form, after not being online 
and registered to Harp-L for a couple of years.  I hope i am sending to the 
correct addy.  I tried to find that info on the Harp-L website, but can't find it 
in black and white.

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