Re: perfect amp

>Alden Farmboy writes:writes:

   Ya'know, you're right :) I was wearing black slacks, white bucks, a 
black orchid tie and shocking PINK shirt and black "Yancey Derringer" 
hat at the Valentine's party. DEFINITELY "Dude"

>       The only way you'll ever learn anything about amps and mics is 
>to actually use them.

  I'll have to pay closer attention. Keyboard man does the set-up

>  Next time you go out to check out the local bars, you should take 
>your peavey mic and a couple harps along with you, and ask if you 
>can sit in for a tune or two with the bands that are playing those 
>gigs ( who were they ? )

  They were us. Except for Wednesday nights (smokey-joe & the Cafe s) 
all the others were where I was "special guest". Not any bands you 
would have heard of. Saturday was the "Cruise Control". Monday was 
"Claudio". Tuesday was Tony Onoroto. Thursday was "Dr. Dirt". Friday 
was Bob Cook & "Cookbook". Sunday was "Exit".

>  hey, you never know...they may permit you.

  They might.

>  Although some of the music you mention would probably sound 
>terrible with harp thrown in the mix.

  Ever heard Dixieland/Ragtime on chromatic? I don't know too many 
people doing it. You're probably right though.
  Doo-Wop/Pop 50s? Anything Flamingos/Platters sounds nice to dance to 
with harp. Hmmm, maybe not.
  Latin/French? I do most of the Jobim stuff & the French "Musette" 
sound is also popular (with the ladies).
  I used to play 2/3 - 1/3 dia to chro ratio, NOW it's about 89% 
chromo. We do  requests, so you do what you gotta do.

>  Look for some blues bands instead, much more harp friendly..

   Well, the area is mostly older retired people (Baby Boomers & 
OLDER). They are the only ones who go out. When they do, they want 
LIVE music. They also want THEIR music. They have the money, don't 
have to get up early for work, and don't worry about the .08 law 
because their wives drive home.
   Soooo, you go where the action is.
   Most of the musicians are OLD (older than concrete). I currently 
play with a sax (73) who was with Les Brown. A keyboard (82) was with 
Sammy Kaye. A drummer (82) with Elgart Bros., A sax (77) was with 
Lombardo. A trumpet (74) with Ringling Bros.

   Blues bands are hard to find as the younger crowd is too busy 
working. The wage scale down here is "putrid", and everyone is afraid 
of having a good time (and getting busted). Besides the younbg crowd 
(down here) goes for "New-Country Rock"

>. As far as your Peavey mic goes, try some Listerine, it might 
>eliminate the " Foggyness"

   Never tried that? I use Lysol. It kills the germs and booze aroma. 

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