Re: Rocktron Hush

john kuzloski wrote:

I'm thinking about getting the above pedal that I have heard some good
things about from a few folks on this list.  Feedback from my amp tells
me how far I can turn my amp's volume knob up, that is, the max volume
is just before unmanageable feedback.  Is it reasonable to expect with a
pedal that controls feedback to some degree, that I could turn the
volume knob higher and, thererby, get more versatility from the amp by
way of things like additional volume or additional breakup before
hitting the new max?  I hope I'm being clear.  Thanks, again!  --john

John........Yes, its reasonable to believe that you can get more volume
out of your amp with the Rocktron.  The question is how much more.  I
know there are a lot a folks who like this pedal.  My personal
experience is underwhelming.  I could get a smoodge more volume before
feedback.  But barely noticable.  It seems this pedal works well for
others.  I may have gotten a lemon or it could be the old operator
error.  Regardless of my experience or anyone else's, your mileage may

Personally I'm interested in the Kinder anti-feedback +.  Has anyone
gotten one of these?

Best Regards to All,

Larry Boy Pratt

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