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   Dear List,
   Thanks for all the (great) advice. Helps a lot indeed... I've fallen
in love with that little amp and I would hate to leave it in the closet.
It has that MOT thing and a 8" vintage (1956) Jensen Alnico speaker. Two
inputs (I use #2), tone, volume, two prongs cable.
   I'll proceed step by step and let you know...

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Try putting new tubes into the amp.  New tubes can work wonders and help
to "clean" up the amp.  The other thing to check are the capacitors and
the circuit in general to be sure that nothing is loose, etc.  Values of
old caps and resistors will drift in time and change the voltages
reaching the tubes.  And it is important to check the bias voltage for
the 6V6 power tube.  Tubes running hot will be more distorted than tubes
running cooler - this is adjusted by bias voltage that is controlled
with resistors.
Good luck, and hope this helps a little.

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