Re: perfect amp

Isn't the point that you have no choice but to fiddle with the knobs?  <g>

Seems like the sound depends on the player, the mic, the amp, the room
acoustics, and the cable.  I've bought a lot of $5 and under mics on ebay.
Some of them are pretty good for harp.  Every one needs different dial
settings on my amp to sound best.  I have one of those cables with a built
in volume control.  I have to change the dial settings for it vs. a regular
guitar cable.  Different mics work better with some amps than others too.
I'm sure different players work better with different combinations of
hardware, although the acoustic tone caveat always applies.

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> >    In all that time I never gave amps a seconds worth of thought. We
> >used a Marshall,Behringer, Vox, Crate, Peavey, Roland. Mikes were
> >Senheiser & Peavey.
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> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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> >cool...
> >
> >can you remember the settings you used with which amp?
> >
> >
> >(pencil at ready)
> >
> >crowley
>    Golly-Gosh, that's what I meant. I really don't know anything about
> these monsters. We just "fiddle" with the knobs until it sounds
> presentable. I think I am going to make a CHART and start keeping a
> record. Amps were all 50-115 watt ranges, so they were'nt like super
> powerful. Good enough for where WE were playing (avg crowd 70) at
> volume level 3.
>    Yeah, I'm gonna use your idea. Must record those settings. :)   smo-joe
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