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>   Jeez, I wish 'I' knew something about amps &mikes. I spent
> 1..Tuesday at the Gazebo.....Dixieland/Ragtime
> 2..Wednesday at Coconuts.....Jazz Progressive
> 3..Thursday at Harpoon Harry's.....Rock/Blues
> 4..Friday at Slipknot.....Doo-Wop/Pop 50s
> 5..Saturday at Snook Haven.....Swing (Val. Party)40s
> 6..Sunday at Hendry St Station.....Jazz Progressive
> 7..Monday at Mama Nunzia's.....Latin/French
>   In all that time I never gave amps a seconds worth of thought. We 
> used a Marshall,Behringer, Vox, Crate, Peavey, Roland. Mikes were 
> Senheiser &Peavey. What is the perfect amp? One that works. Mike? I 
> carry a Peavey Black Diamond.....couldn't tell you if it's any good 
> or not. Seems a bit "Foggy"
> smokey joe
> --
      The only way you'll ever learn anything about amps and mics is to 
actually use them. Next time you go out to check out the local bars, you should 
take your peavey mic and a couple harps along with you, and ask if you can sit in 
for a tune or two with the bands that are playing those gigs ( who were they 
? ) hey, you never know...they may permit you. Although some of the music you 
mention would probably sound terrible with harp thrown in the mix. Look for 
some blues bands instead, much more harp friendly... As far as your Peavey mic 
goes, try some Listerine, it might eliminate the " Foggyness" 

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