Re: Perfect Harp Amp

My (almost) perfect harp amp is my Marble Harpmaster.
A harp-friendly version of Marble's 59 Bassman copy
(the Roadking), mine features 6 x 8in speakers, tube
reverb and can switch power outputs between 25W and
60W (driven by 2 x 6550). 

Putting it's lovely warm tone aside, this amp does
just want I want it to -- it makes my harp sound LOUD
enough to be heard. The normal channel is very clean,
while the bright channel is a beefier than you'd get
from a Bassman.

I wish the reverb knob wasn't round the back of the
amp, but I guess nothing is truely perfect...

For smaller applications I use a Marble MAX, basically
a copy of a tweed Fender Champ (1 x 8 and swoppable
from 5W to 10W). I bought this little amp from Marble
and liked it so much I that I HAD to get their
Harpmaster... and I'm glad I did.

Dave Shannon
- ----------------------------
The Odyssey Blues Quartet

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