Re: perfect amp

>oh well, back to my chrom scales (I heard it's not the amp at all - wink)
>>>>  <Toungblock@xxxxxxx> 02/17/04 01:15pm >>>
>is the perfect player player.any get what i'm sayen??????

   Jeez, I wish 'I' knew something about amps & mikes. I spent
1..Tuesday at the Gazebo.....Dixieland/Ragtime
2..Wednesday at Coconuts.....Jazz Progressive
3..Thursday at Harpoon Harry's.....Rock/Blues
4..Friday at Slipknot.....Doo-Wop/Pop 50s
5..Saturday at Snook Haven.....Swing (Val. Party)40s
6..Sunday at Hendry St Station.....Jazz Progressive
7..Monday at Mama Nunzia's.....Latin/French

   In all that time I never gave amps a seconds worth of thought. We 
used a Marshall,Behringer, Vox, Crate, Peavey, Roland. Mikes were 
Senheiser & Peavey. What is the perfect amp? One that works. Mike? I 
carry a Peavey Black Diamond.....couldn't tell you if it's any good 
or not. Seems a bit "Foggy"

smokey joe

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