Re: perfect amp -pedal to the mettle

there's a great illustrated story by Angus Mckie from an old version of 'heavy metal' - the mysterious effects box - or something like it - young guitarist down on his luck and frustrated with lack of ability is met by a shadowy figure one night - who reveals himself as an old black guy with deep pitted scars running down his face.

 blues scars - you need them to play the blues (he says).

the old guy makes the kid an offer to use a magic effects box - even more mysterious - there's only an input and output - nothing else - of course the kid plays that night brilliantly, success follows, stadium concert style - when the ground opens up and the devil appears to exact his payment - always the way I guess.

but heavy metal mags were always a lot of fun.

i guess there will be a pedal where you can dial in a harmonica player - many effects pedals already have patches based onthe names of guitarists - you could switch from lil' walt, to big walt, to George, a bar of sonny - I and then 2, some wilson and end off with a half bar of piazza.

all in your own bedroom and thru a computer spkr in one nite.

yu'd deserve a pizza and a beer after that. i'm already exhausted just thinking about it.


oh well, back to my chrom scales (I heard it's not the amp at all - wink)

>>> <Toungblock@xxxxxxx> 02/17/04 01:15pm >>>
is the perfect player player.any get what i'm sayen??????

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