Fwd: RPx400: was Perfect harp amp

If the 400 had been out when I bought my usit (RP300) I would have
thought seriously about buying it instead.

The extra connectivity and the computer-interface reatures make it a
unit I drool over, but the price is high.

That said, although I normally use the RP300 with a Shaker XLR
dynamic, I also use it with a Peavey 380N (and older Peavey SM58
clone) which is a classic XLR low-Z vocal mic.

I use a non-transforming XLR to 1/4" cable from my mics to the RP300.

My point is that I think the RP300 (and 200) are perfectly flexible
enough for use with standard vocal mics.

Maybe put the difference in $$$ to more harps and a good stage monitor
or small keyboard amp. Mind you--I've gigged for two years now without
using any amp or dedicated monitor for the harp, with no complaints
from sound techss, band-mates or vocalists.

Best regards,
 Ron/datadigr                            mailto:rdg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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