Re: Perfect Harp Amp

Yes, he does...and I've heard that amp in action...very nice and 
full-sounding, and a very wide range of effects and tones.   Probably not 
overly heavy, either.  I'm not sure if Peavey still makes that model, but it 
would make an excellent harp amp for someone who's not deadset on tubes.

Who knows?  Maybe it's even what Little Walter would use if he hadn't gone 
and got himself killed.

Hambone (I like tubes)

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><Just goes to show that what we all think of as
><great tone is entirely subjective
>No it doesn't. It shows that there are infinite ways
>to achieve it- and that it's very hard to define.
>Madcat has great tone, regardless what amp or pre-amp
>he uses.
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