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I've done large gigs with my small amp, a Kalamazoo Model 1...they offer an 
advantage over larger amps in one can get into the monitor 
mix, at least a little bit.  Admittedly, it can be difficult when you can't 
hear yourself properly.

Andrew, your post yesterday about the POD has got me seriously considering 
one.  Too bad it doesn't have tubes  ;  )


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>Dear list,
>    I own a beautiful little 1957 Magnatone, model A-646. Sound is 
>and tight but distorsion is just too heavy. What can I do to get it to play
>"cleaner"? Tubes are as follows: Sylvania Jan 5Y3W GTA (brown base), 
>6V6 GT/G (black base) and Tung Sol 6SLG (black base).
>    Sunnyside
>Sunny Side,
>What you are looking for is more headroom from the amp. The only thing that
>you can do is turn the amp down. That is the problem with small 
>tube amps:
>1. They have almost no power
>2. they distort at low volumes
>3. Are almost unworkable in a gigging situation
>My advice is to either play the amp at low volume at the point it just 
>breaking up and mic it through the PA, or find another amp.

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