Re: perfect harp amp.....

There are literally HUNDREDS of amps that are good for harp....

Over the years, back in the 1960's I used a Vox AC50 Piggy back amp, with tw=
2X12" speaker cabinets... I used a Watkins Copycat tape echo with that rig.=
It was EXCELLENT for harmonica... Sadly, some nasty person stole it from my=20
car, after a gig...

Next I used a solid state Vox Supreme 100 watt again through two 2x12"=20
cabs... I used that amp for 25 years of giging... Yes, you CAN get a great h=
arp tone=20
with a solid state amp... I liked the Supreme because it had a built in=20
spring reverb, as well as "fuzz" and "wah"... Good fun....

Then I used a Fender 120 watt silver face Bassman top... An excellent amp, I=
liked it, but my one is a bit "noisy" for recording with....

Then I bought a Fender Blues Deluxe 40 watt 1x12 combo... It is a GREAT harp=
amp... I liked it so much I bought a second one to use as a spare....

Honestly, so much depends on the chops of the harp player...=20

Of course, the mic makes a LOT of difference too... I used a Beyer ribbon=20
mike for more than 20 years ... until it fell to pieces! Than I got through=20=
(!!!!) Audio Technica Midnight Blues mics, in about 3 years... A good sound,=
not a robust mic, Then I went over to an old Sure Unisphere... OK, but not=20
ideal... Then I bought a Crystal Balls JT-30 Astatic... I now have 2 of them=
. I=20
LOVE that mic....

However, If I'm playing "straight chromatic" harp, I just use the house PA..=

Best wishes

John Walden



Try before you buy....

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