RE: perfect harp amp.....

I love this post. It defies the orthodoxy of this list: it's a Peavy (Not a
sixties or fifties era Fender), it's a modeling amp and does not use NOS 6V6
or 6L6 tubes, it's not a '59 Bassman or one of it's ridiculously expensive
clones, and it does not use vintage Jensen or pricey Weber alnico 10 inch
speaks. It's outright sacrilegious. Only an utter harp master like Madcat
could get away with it.

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> I started playing harp thru an amp in 1967.  Since then I've used MANY
> different amps.  My all time favorite harp amp is the Peavey Transformer
> modeling amp with built in effects.  I liked my first one so much I bought
> a second one.
> Madcat
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