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>Pierre Asked :

>Anyways my question is: what kind of setup where you playing? and is >
>there a good amp/mic combination that gives a good heavy metal/harp >sound?

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Bon Jur Pierre :

The occasion I was with my nephew and his fellow band mates I used their Peavey  P. A . system it was a biggie and it had all the bells and whistles to it  : EQ , Compression , Noise Gates , Reverb &  Delay and stuff , the mike set up was one of their Shure Bros. SM-58's . This system had maybe  1000 plus watts of power per channel ( stereo ) and the columns were Peavey Black Widow's that had one 15'" low frequency sub woofer  on each side and then the low frequency drivers ( two 12"'s per side ) in a separate cabinet , then  1 midrange and high frequency horn driver(s) each side , it was nice , I got wild with them and we had a blast even if its not as good as a JBL or a Yamaha Pro P.A. sound re enforcement concert system ,  I wouldn't kick it to the curb if I was offered one to use in a house P.A. for a gig , nope I wouldn't complain at all ( I have worked some cheesy night mare P.A. set ups before as well as the super pro systems in big halls ) . I really wondered to myse!
lf as I saw the equipment they had  ( one of the band members fathers owns a local Rock FM station , yep this kid had deeeeeep pockets and the other kids had some deep pocket parents of their own , being they had all this super gear and not one of them had a day job ) , man , in my beginnings it was a no name P.A. and the likes for my first gear .

I would have felt at home with my 60 watt tube rig there with any one of my Bullets ( 520-D Shure , Hohner BluesBlaster or my vintage American 1954 Chrome Bullet ) , only thing is with the heavy volume these kids played at , I would have had to have my tube amp miked to be heard ! One of the two guitar players had a full Marshall Stack with two big gnarly Marshall amps , the other guitar man had some wild looking twin Mesa Boogie tube amp system with two  12" speakers with an out put of over 100 watts per set up . I believe the Marshall had similar out put power . The bass player played a big screaming tube Ampeg SVT , power man power I love those Big SVTs! They were all using the line outs of the amps to the P.A. and  the drummer was fully miked  ala Alex Van Halen .

Rule of thumb , use the P.A. when possible , not that its the best for some of the Chicago died in the wooler's here  ( Heh heh ) that only use this or that set up . Any quality tube amp will do the job , just consider the volume these metal monsters use and get a tube amp that has similar power as the lead guitar to be in the " Fail Safe " mode  ( Heh Heh ) and get a Green Bullet 520-D  . I would imagine if the lead guitar is using a 60 watt X-tor amp , you might get away with a tube amp in the 25 to 30 watt area , I have used a similar amp set ups  in a Rock ( classic rock stuff ) band where the lead guitar used a 50 to 60 watt amp , bass player the same over all power  with a Gallen/Kruger  amp and the keyboard had a Fender Rhodes with a super twin Fender and a B-3 hammond and my little bitty 15 watt vintage Gibson was loud and clear , everyone in the band & the crowd loved its sound , while being such a tiny amp in comparison ,  so , you figure it out :-) ?

Sincerely :

Hurricane Ramon

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