Re: perfect harp amp.....

The RP300 has two separate outputs (right/mono) and left.

I generally use the mono output to go to the board and--when I use a
small practice amp as a stage monitor--I use the second output to the
small amp. The RP200 single output is stereo 1/4" so the Y connector
that Mark mentions will work the same way. Probaly better, because when
I use the left output to the monitor, it's a somewhat different signal
than the one coming from the right. Not enough different that it makes
trouble for me when using the second output for the monitor, though.

I think using a "Y" connector is a better idea than going from the
RP200 pedal to <monitor/amp> to the board, given that most "line outs" on
amps/monitors pass on whatever tone changes are done at the amp stage.


Sunday, February 15, 2004, 8:04:48 PM, Mark wrote:

MC> the RP only has one line out but mentions using a
MC> "y" connector (initially for creating stereo effect
MC> thru two single ammplifiers for guitars ) - I guess
MC> this would be the same thing?

MC> using the connector for one to pa and other to
MC> amp for monitor use..?

MC> crowley

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