Re: perfect harp amp.....

The mic I use has a volume control that I could use to kill feedback
with the RP300 setup, and it's faster than the pedal--right on the

But I _don't_get_ feedback now, period. Mind you--and I don't know how
much difference this makes--the RP300 has an A&B amp switching pedal
(clean/dirty) and I _always_ use clean which is the low gain setting.
I don't think the RP200 has this feature.

I use just enough gain to get breakup on the patches where I want it,
or maybe justa little more for "dirt" but I do know that the only time
I ever had feedback playing live was when I accidentally stepped on
the A/B switch.


Sunday, February 15, 2004, 7:08:07 PM, Mark wrote:

MC> And Ron reminded me that you can always set the expression
MC> pedal as a kill switch for volume should that feedback guy
MC> show his face - that annoys the guys i been playing with
MC> - it was always a  good out to shout "that damn harmonica
MC> microphone again."

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