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I'm not clear on precisely how a powered monitor works.  Does your 
signal go through your effects and then through the powered monitor, 
and on to the PA?  Sounds like a good idea, like having an amp with a 
line out that runs to the PA.  Of course, bringing your own powered 
amplifier negates some of the benefits of the preamp/modeler, like 
not having to drag around equipment.  

- -tim

The POD unit I use has two extensions out one that runs to the PA, and 
another which can run to an amp. Supposedly you are only supposed to use one, but I 
use both. The powered monitor runs from the second line out while I run 
directly to the PA by the first line out. It works wonderfully and setting up is a 
snap once you have some nice presets in the unit. The versatility is so 
wonderful I would never go back to playing a amp. Last night I had gig at some bar 
down in Boca Raton and again the POD just shined. Its not just that it seems to 
work for me, but that overall many of the things which seem to plague harp 
players (feedback, bad tone outfront, and an inability to hear oneself) could be 
solved by modeling units and a powered monitor. 


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