heavy metal harp

I have a nephew , he's into heavy metal , death metal , speed metal etc ...... I once went to one of his practic sessions , when the fellows in that band learned of my musical back ground they asked if I had any harps on me , I did , ( always do ) and prodeded to play a  song , and then another song and still more , they were amazed a harp could cut all they had to offer ( heh heh it was a walkin  the park ) and when the night was over they were asking me all sorts of musical questions .

The Bottom Line :

Any harp will work , its all 1-4-5 stuff right ? . " Bb " was a winner with them , they loved the darker side of that harp . Its a cool harp because its reeds although low in sound , are not as big and unforgiving as a standard "G or A " low tuned harp(s) and that  is very important to know , because trying to do a superfast  speed run on an A or G lower pitched harp(s) is a monster super work out , not impossible , but your tounge will be hanging out your mouth and your eyes will cross and tear up after your first attempt on those harps , you might even get a nose bleed . The Bb is not as I said critical when it comes to slowing you down when you want to move fast compared to the other lower pitched harps , to play it in 2nd position the band is in the key of " F ".

Sincerely :

Hurricane Ramon

aka : 


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