Re: perfect harp amp.....

>>> Tim Moyer <wmharps@xxxxxxxxx> 02/16/04 09:44am >>>
Of course, bringing your own powered 
amplifier negates some of the benefits of the preamp/modeler, like 
not having to drag around equipment.  

- -tim


very true - but that's just one of the benefits of those things.

another benefit is that it's going to cater for a lot of different styles that a straight blues amp can't do - of course if you are pure blues you won't want to know about it and will be chasing yr holy grail of tube amps. (and we have seen pics of yrs -)

and you aren't going to pick one modeller out of it's shiny plastic wrapping, jam in yr mic and away yr go - i think Richard Hunter, Ron G and Rosco have all discussed the time they have spent tweaking patches to suit...  that's no different to the time any ampheads will spend swapping tubes, speakers, experimenting with placement of mics etc... seems to me theres more people so happy to get something new just so they can get under the hood and play around - amps, mics, harmonicas, pedal... hell, it's fun.

And Ron reminded me that you can always set the expression pedal as a kill switch for volume should that feedback guy show his face - that annoys the guys i been playing with  - it was always a good out to shout "that damn harmonica microphone again."

is the harp commander technically a modeller?-


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