JI and ET tuning how many cents?

I am interested in the List's comments and suggestions for good tuning 
patterns and compromises for JI and ET.  I am a blues player and have found 
the following pattern to work for me.  I start with a base of A441.  The 
draw 2 and 4 holes are tuned a little sharp to allow for the drop in pitch 
due to the throat and diaphragm vibrato of the blues playing style.  I have 
listed the hole number, and then the cents away from 0.  The first number is 
the blow note followed by the draw.

1 +10 +10
2 +4 +14
3 +10 +4
4 +10 +14
5 +4 -5
6 +10 +5
7 +10 +4
8 +4 +14
9 +10 0
10 +10 +10

For me this pattern produces a nice draw shimmer with hole 5 and a pleasant 
start for draw bending on hole 3.  The OB of hole 5 also sounds OK.  I think 
this pattern is a blend between JI and ET, but I am not strong on music 
theory.   I have tuned some harps to the old Marine Band JI tuning per the 
Rick Epping harp L post and hole 5 draw and hole 3 draw are just to flat for 
me especially in third.

Appreciate your comments.

Blunt White

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