Re: perfect harp amp.....

Andrew wrote:
> Great point about the Monitor mix. I solved this issue by 
> purchasing a Powered Monitor and using that, thus eliminating the 
> issue of the harp being in the main monitor mix too loudly. You can 
> also use a good powered solid state amp for this as well (I think 
> Richard Hunter remarked about using a Keyboard amp). 

I'm not clear on precisely how a powered monitor works.  Does your 
signal go through your effects and then through the powered monitor, 
and on to the PA?  Sounds like a good idea, like having an amp with a 
line out that runs to the PA.  Of course, bringing your own powered 
amplifier negates some of the benefits of the preamp/modeler, like 
not having to drag around equipment.  

- -tim

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