any suggested song played with both guitar and harp together

mullin.yu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote : any suggested song played with both guitar and harp together ?


Hello From Hurricane :

Dear Mullin :

If you play guitar , the best way is to choose an open chord position to play  like these key signatures : 

" C , D , E , G or A " , these keys offer a easier approach for the guitar player for relative ease in the l-4-5 chord progression used in most ( 95% ) country western songs. 

Key of " C " l-4-5 progression = C = 1st chord l  F  -4- is the 4th  and " G "-5- is the 5th -5- = 1-4-5

Key of " D " 1-4-5  progression is D -1- 1st chord ,  G -4- is 2nd chord and  A -5- is the 5th chord .

Key of " E " 1-4-5 progression is E -1- 1st chord , " A "-4- is the 4th and " B "-5- is the 5th chord .

Key of " G " 1-4-5 progression is G -1- 1st chord , C -4- is the 4th chord and D -5- is the 5th chord .

Key of " A " 1-4-5 progression is A -1- 1st chord , D -4- is the 4th chord  , and E -5- is the 5th chord .

The Corresponding harp keys of second position ( the most flexible for country western harp ) 

guitar C = F  harp , 

guitar D = G* harp 

guitar E = A* harp , 

guitar G = C harp 

guitar A = D harp 

* a low pitched harp  . 

Of these harp keys the easiest would be playing the C , F , & D harps due to the fact these have smaller reeds and that makes it an easier harp to begin with because you use less air to make them sound realy great ( less work ) compared to the larger reeds of the  , G and A harp reeds that use much more air ( and that spells " work " ).

There are some harmonicas tuned to a higher pitched " A & G " Hohner make's one and Huang make's the other . There maybe others availble now these days compared to when I first began in 1954 , I play professionally , I started my first professional music gig in 1977 in a country western band so what you just read is solid advice . 

Good luck , let me know how your practice goes . I also play guitar . Best  bet for songs is to go to a music store and look over country western  songs you are already knowledgeable over , and check to see what keys the majority of these songs are played in , find something that is in these easier keys to begin with and then the sky is the limit after you learn to play them with grace and ease ) 

Some Country Western songs  use a 1-5-4 progression , but it still uses the same basic chords . 

Sincerely :

Hurricane Ramon   

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