Valco Supro Amp

I have been playing through a 1951 Valco Supro Amp; Dennis Oellig Mic with
an AD9 Ibanez Analog Delay.  It's the way the tubes kick in when you drive
the harp to distortion that I like.  There's no feed back even if I put the
mic on top of the amp.

I use a Valco Bantham in Europe, only 5 watts and can be lifted with your
little finger.  This little amp then goes through the PA system of the hall
with a Shure 57 or like model.

I have been really happy with the type of tube distortion and power on both
these amps and the delay unit is just great.

I would love to have a Scherzo movement for a Harmonica Concerto using a
distorted diatonic.  Lowell Liebermann is writing a Hamonica Concerto for
me with the Minnesota Orchestra - I doubt that Lowell will write such a
movement though!

Harmonically yours,

Robert Bonfiglio

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