Stir Fried & John Popper Friday Feb 20

>From: BassHarp <bassharp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>I note that Blues Traveler are in good company:


OK, how many of you thought this was a "real" news story!!??

By the way, I'm "dismayed" to report that John Popper is making a special 
appearance with Jersey jam band Stir Fried ( this Friday 
Feb 20 at Mexicali Blues in Teaneck NJ.

I'm dismayed for two reasons:

1. Jan London, the guitarist in my band (Jimbeau & The Retrocasters), also 
plays in Stir Fried and he had to cancel out of my gig for that same evening 
(I've gotten a great sub); and

2.  Since I'm booked, I CAN'T GO MYSELF!

Seriously this should be a great evening of music, so if you're not planning 
to see my band ;-), then definitely check out Popper and Stir Fried!

Oh yeah, the people that go to Mexicali Blues have excellent personal 
hygiene habits!


Jimbeau & The Retrocasters

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