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Some folks have outlined some of the benefits of playing through 
preamps/amp modelers into the PA.  There are a couple of 
disadvantages, though for some they may pale in comparison the 
advantages.  I have played with vocalists who didn't like having much 
harp in the monitor mix, as they felt it conflicted too much with 
them hearing themselves clearly.  Most PAs will have more than one 
monitor mix available, so you might be able to work with the sound 
man to get yourself out of this situation.  

Believe it or not, I have also played gigs at places that didn't have 
a soundman or occasionally even a PA.  Admittedly these are usually 
jams and such, but be sure before you get there that your 
expectations match the reality of the gig.  

- -tim

Great point about the Monitor mix. I solved this issue by purchasing a 
Powered Monitor and using that, thus eliminating the issue of the harp being in the 
main monitor mix too loudly. You can also use a good powered solid state amp 
for this as well (I think Richard Hunter remarked about using a Keyboard amp). 
The benefits of using a powered monitor are:

1. You adjust your stage volume to what you see fit. 
2. You adjust the unit to the monitor and can set two different types of EQ's 
    Monitors typically come EQ's) allowing you to have one type of mix for 
the mains while 
    having another while playing on stage. This allows for minimizing beaming 
    piercing tone that hurts peoples ears when you are playing a with an 
inproper or bad 
    mix) in the mains.
3. Having your own monitor mix allows the sound guy the liberty to not hassle 
with feedback 
    issues from your microphone. I typically don't have feedback issues, but 
I think this 
    option of having the monitor set up for the feedback situation is a 
serious plus.

Just make sure you have a stage volume level that's complimentary to the rest 
of band and you should be fine. Peavey makes a great powered monitor, as does 
Crate. I would highly advise checking out either of these if you are using a 
modeling unit or preamp. 


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