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> I have video of Kim Wilson doing his solo gig out somewhere in Germany, and 
> the amp he is playing is a fender Concert. The Fender Concert is a GREAT amp 
> period. I have played harp through one and let me say the tone off that amp 
> was THICK like molasses. My guitar player loved that amp (He would play it 
> with the Bass on 1 and it was still thick), the Tremelo of that (and a Brown 
> face Tremolux) was to die for. The Concert is great harp amp, but I still 
> believe the old Bassman is a little better (Tube rectifier compression is nice for 
> harp) though and also the reissues from Victoria are pretty faithful (except 
> for those horrible P10r's). If you have the chance to pick up a Concert I 
> would do it, its worth the $$. 

I have owned a bunch of these amps, currently own a 61' model with alnico
P10Q's. they are really good amps for a thick harp sound. They do not in my 
mind sound anything like a late 50's bassman amp. They are alot more mid 
sounding amp,
the bassman has alot more variation of tone. Not to say that the concert does 
not produce good tone, just that it is more along the lines of a one trick 
pony, but a very good pony! These amps have a solid state rectifier and no mid 
control, which accounts for the type of tone they produce. I think these amps 
are sleepers, alot of guys won't buy these because they don't have reverb or 
because they are not bassmans. They command a pretty good price(around 
$1000.00-$1800.00) but they are alot harder to sell than a super reverb or a bassman 
amp. Go figure, to each his own.

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