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Hal's amp is a brown face model. I had one of these from '63 and it was 
excellent for harp. I usually matched it up to my late 40's Black label 
CR with NO tub subs. Plenty loud for gigging.

They don't have the same kind of distortion as a tweed, but they have a 
lot of bark and some crunch. More of a horn-like tone - "kind of like" 
the tone Kim Wilson gets on Telephone Blues where he's playing another 
brown face amp (a Pro). You can actually hear one used for harp on 
Studebaker John's CD's, and I know that Lynwood Slim has one for 
gigging (in addition to a Vicky Bassman). Although it's not exactly the 
same, you can also hear Rick Estrin play a brown Bandmaster (the 3x10 
combo NOT the piggyback model) on Greasy Kid's stuff on the track 
"Marion's Mood". His crystal JT30 would account for some of the toppy 
quality of the tone, but WHAT A KILLER TONE.

I got rid of my Concert because it was HEAVY to gig with and I wanted a 
thicker tweed bark. But if I could have kept it AND got my Super I 
would have been a happy camper.

I have video of Kim Wilson doing his solo gig out somewhere in Germany, and 
the amp he is playing is a fender Concert. The Fender Concert is a GREAT amp 
period. I have played harp through one and let me say the tone off that amp was 
THICK like molasses. My guitar player loved that amp (He would play it with 
the Bass on 1 and it was still thick), the Tremelo of that (and a Brown face 
Tremolux) was to die for. The Concert is great harp amp, but I still believe the 
old Bassman is a little better (Tube rectifier compression is nice for harp) 
though and also the reissues from Victoria are pretty faithful (except for 
those horrible P10r's). If you have the chance to pick up a Concert I would do it, 
its worth the $$. 


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