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Harpmac01@xxxx wrote:
> yes now lets hear some thoughts on what you cats think the perfect 
> harp amp should consist of. 

One thing that's important to me for the gigs I play is to be able to 
get a variety of sounds.  For that reason, I chose not to go the 
classic tube Fender route, and instead built myself an amp that fit 
my needs.  It consists of a cabinet housing a pair of Weber P10Qs and 
three racks spaces that hold a preamp, effects unit, and power amp.  
With this combination I can dial the sound I want and the set the 
volume independently, making one amp suitable to a number of 
different "sized" gigs.  I also have a built-in mic to allow the amp 
to be remic'd through the PA for larger gigs.  I use a couple of 
outboard stomp boxes, which gives me a huge variety of sounds.  The 
amp is small enough and light enough to not be too inconvient to 
transport, and it has casters on the side to facilitate that, and it 
has a 120-volt outlet in the side for the effects units.  

Some folks have outlined some of the benefits of playing through 
preamps/amp modelers into the PA.  There are a couple of 
disadvantages, though for some they may pale in comparison the 
advantages.  I have played with vocalists who didn't like having much 
harp in the monitor mix, as they felt it conflicted too much with 
them hearing themselves clearly.  Most PAs will have more than one 
monitor mix available, so you might be able to work with the sound 
man to get yourself out of this situation.  

Believe it or not, I have also played gigs at places that didn't have 
a soundman or occasionally even a PA.  Admittedly these are usually 
jams and such, but be sure before you get there that your 
expectations match the reality of the gig.  

- -tim

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