heavy metal harp

We got Shelley, a young lady from Deer Island(Canada-pop about 100), over for a 
couple days of singing. She took the spacey love song lyrics I wrote, stuck 
them on the this odd electronic piece we recorded a couple years a go and 
turned the song into the heavy Soundgarden, metal grunge thing.

After shaking my head in amazement at the song transformation and the 
incredible vocals, I realized I need to learn how to play heavy metal harp. I'm 
guessing I need to play a really low harp. Anybody got any guesses on how you 
would scoop the midrange out of the harp?

I'm dieing my hair black and getting a tattoo! Shelley took the rough mix back 
to her studio so she can practice screaming. Are you supposed to have this much 
fun writing songs?

Rainbow Jimmy

Rainbow Jimmy

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