Re: perfect harp amp & pre-amps

Hey list, 
In a previous post, Richard Hunter gives a ringing endorsement of the RP200. 
I don't have much experience with that particular pre-amp (or modeler,) but I 
have been using a Peavey Tubefex pre-amp for years & I like it so much I 
bought a spare. They were discontinued 5 or 6 yers ago, but are stll available for 
around $350-$400 with the PFC10 foot controller. This unit took a lot of 
tweaking, but now I have a very useful variety of sounds from classic amped harp to 
a pretty cool Leslie organ sound to delays, etc. etc. I can run a balanced 
line to the board for a small gig with my (mainly) acoustic trio, or run it to 
my Bassman RI or '61 Super & mic it for playing with my loud, loud, loud 
rock/pop/whatever we are band. It can easily be set up for different mics. Feed back 
is rarely an issue due to the tone & EQ shaping flexibility.
  Traditional blues players probably have no need of this kind of unit, & it 
is definitely a compromise situation even for me - but for a rock or variety 
player  it beats carrying a bunch of stomp boxes, batteries, cables & wall 
warts to gigs. It takes about 5 minutes to set up; the foot controller is 
practically indestructable & has one midi cable running to it that also supplies 
power; I can change & edit patches on the fly. If you need to have a variety of 
sounds when you play, this is a great unit. The only bad thing is that it says 
Peavey on it. If anyone wants more info. they can contact me off-list.
  The coolest  amp I've played through is a Kalamazoo Model Two. Too bad it's 
completely impractical for anything but the quietest of bands or the studio.

later, Rosco
maybe august 

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