Re: Perfect harp amp

Hi all:

I have the RP300 and although I generally stay away from "me too"
posts, in this case it's approriate. I fully agree with what Richard
wrote. The RP-series pedals are the answer to pretty much any harp
sound issue I've ever had: cheap, feedback free, versatile and _very_
easy to carry.

I go to gigs (anywhere, any size) with two small suitcases. One for my
harps and accesories, one for my RP-300, mics and cables. Setup time
at a gig is about 5 minutes, tops. I love it.


Saturday, February 14, 2004, 1:58:49 PM, Richard Hunter wrote:

RH> The fact is that my Digitech RP200 amp modeling pedal delivers all of
RH> this:
RH> 1. Feedback free at stadium level: 
RH> yup.  Once you've tuned the RP200 for your favorite mic, feedback isn't
RH> an issue.

<balance of Richard's post snipped>

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