Harp Amp......

I guess there is no ONE perfect harp amp, IMHO. I like 3 different sizes of 
amps, and have finally settled on these three (did I just say I settled on my 
amp line-up?):

SMALL AMP for recording and very small gig settings, especially duos - 
Hurricane V-8 amp. Made by Gary Druin (2000) in Florida USA. 8" jensen speaker, 
class A single ended, all tube, rectifier, 6V6, 12AX7. Best small amp I've ever 
played through, and cool looking white ostrich front and brown gator sides. 2nd 
place - Kalamazoo model I, 3rd place - my buddy's 1960 Fender Vibrolux.


MEDIUM AMP (for medium gigs) Kendrick Texas Crude Harp Amp. Made by Gerald 
Weber in Texas USA. 12" Kendrick blackframe speaker, cathode biased 35 watts 2 
6L6 power tubes, 2 12AX7 preamp tubes, 5AR4 rectifier. A really awesome harp 
amp and beautiful. Sometimes I use a Y cord to run the Kendrick and Hurricane 
V-8 in tandem for a nice combination of small amp crunch with the depth of a 12" 
speaker too.


LARGE AMP for those bigger gigs where you need adequate stage volume and 
great big sound - Sonny Jr. Four Ten. Made by Sonny Junior Ventures  (Gary 
Onofrio) in Hamden, CT, USA. It is basically a very well made and tweeked for harp 
1960 Bassman amp (hand wired, oil caps, great cabinet, bias pot, and a mix of 
Eminence and Weber speakers. I drove up to sample one and just had to take it 


None of the amps have reverb (which I don't like for harp). I do like delay, 
and I just moved up to a Boss DM-2 analogue delay pedal which is smooth and 
rich. I've played through a tube EchoPlex, and if I had more skill at nursing 
along old equipment, (and more $), I'd use one of those. The Boss DM-2 is small 
and should last a while with little or no upkeep.

Glad the Digest is back...

Andy Vincent

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