Hey folks,

I have a new album coming out in a couple of weeks. It is a remixed and 
augmented version of the album I made last year with the incredible singer 
Madeleine Peyroux. On this CD I play chromatic harp, guitar, electric guitar and dobro 
and I sing. I also produced and arranged this CD, and for the first time in 
my life, I can say I'm really pleased with this record. 

The album includes seven songs recorded last spring with Madeleine Peyroux. 
The side men are Conrad Korsch (currently touring with Rod Stewart) on Bass  
and Jimmy Wormsworth (the drummer on Conan O'Brien when Max is off) on drums . 
We also use Jean Baptiste Bocle (Gypsy Kings) on Hammond B3 and a bit of 

"Back in Your own Backyard"- and old jazz sh-tkicker from the '20's. I'm 
actually proud of my guitar work and Madi sings her butt off.

"J'ais Deux Amours" (Two Loves Have I)- made famous by Josephine Baker a 
while back. I play what I think is my all time best chrom solo on this one.

"Got You on My Mind" i play Dobro on this one. It was made famous by Willy 
Dixon and later covered by Clapton.

"The Way You Look Tonight" -with a Latin feel and a lot of harp. swings.

"Heaven to Me"- Billie made this one famous and Madi does it justice. Big old 
harp solo.

"Playin"- Madi and I wrote his tune about playing on the streets, which we 
both know something about.

"Heaven Help Us All" This is a peace anthem from the late sixties, covered by 
Stevie Wonder and Joan Baez. I added a verse to bring it up to date and Madi 
and I trade vocals. Its one of my favorite songs. 

Then there are three songs featuring me without Madi- My side men on these 
last three tunes are Bob Dylan's favorite Rythm section; Tony Garnier on bass, 
Sean Pelton on drums and Brian Mitchell on the funky Wurlitzer. Tony has been 
Dylan's musical director for twelve years or so. Sean's been the drummer on 
"Saturday night live" forever. Brian's just the real deal. What a gas to play 
with these guys.

"Shoulda Known" is an original New Orleans style blues that tells the story 
of the Frog and the Scorpion, with a twist.  This track rocks- I hope my 
singing does it justice.

"Rag for Madi"- this one's an original ragtime tune in the style of Scott 
Joplin featuring me on finger style guitar and harp, with a special guest.

"Jealous Guy"- I've always loved John Lennon's beautiful melody. I trade off 
on on harmonica and Telecaster.

All in all, I think this album is my best work to date, but it's not a solid 
harp CD. Madi's singing is stunning and I think I hold my own on guitar and 
vocals. Its mostly first takes, so its spontaneous and loose, but its well 
recorded and mixed and the side men are the best in the world.

This will be released in a couple of weeks, but I am taking pre orders, if 
you want to send your name to be put on the waiting list. When it comes out, the 
CD will be $15 plus shipping. There are some sound bites of the old (rough 
mix) version at my website,

Thanks everybody,


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