My weekend with Jon Gindick

 From: "Bardack PaulR" <bardack_paulr@xxxxxxx>
> Just attended Jon Gindick's harmonica jam camp in Rockville, MD.
Fabulous!  I'm
> an intermediate player and learned so much!  I heartily recommend the next
one to
> anyone looking to take their playing to the next level.

We've scheduled two more Jam Camps.  The first is in Skokie Ill. April 30
thru May 2nd 2004 with Joe Filisko, Larry "The Iceman " Eisenberg, and Jon

The second is in Somerset NJ July 9th - 11th with Dennis Gruenling, Allen
Radcliff Holmes,
Bob Meehan, and Jon.

For more info click the link below.


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