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Regarding harp amps and tubes, I would recommend the following:
- - Gerald Weber's article "Harp Amp Secrets and Tips", which can be found at:  FYI, is a 
spinoff from the "new" JT-30 page. -  There are several other good 
articles at
- - discusses tube 
swapping in particular.
- - the preamp tube gain page at

Hope this helps,

Robb Bingham wrote:

>Am I right that the Suzuki Promaster's reedplates are
>thinner than Hohner's Meisterklasse? Does anyone,
>nevertheless prefer Promaster? I'd always assumed the
>PM was as thick as MK, but, to the eye, [and to the
>ear?] they look [sound?] thinner.
>Also. I have a lot of ~gear~ questions. Can anyone
>steer me to a good site for amp harp modification
>~research~? I just bought 3 different tube amps, all
>of which will need tube swaps, etc. I don't want to
>bore the list with schematic-type questions but- - -
>I'm out to build my dream amp. Any help appreciated.
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