Re: Harmonicas for young people?

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Hi Jervis,

Hohner has a 4 hole, one octave diatonic. The harmonica
is the size of a ten hole but the holes are widely spaced
so getting a single note is easy. It comes with a book
of instruction and songs. The book contains tab and=20
standard notation for each song. I highly recommend
this harmonica but urge that you get away from the tab
ASAP and stress the standard music notation. In other
words teach them to read music.

The system used to be called the "Rainbow" but now it is=20
simply called "Learn to Play" Harmonica Package # PL-106.

Contact Hohner, they may offer you a special educational

Jack Ely =20
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  Subject: Harmonicas for young people?

  I want to teach young people (9-12 years) playing the harmonica at a =
basic level (puckering, no bending). It would be great to start with a =
cheap but reliable diatonic harmonica, wide holes, and enough distance =
between the holes. Saliva-resistent too. And flashy colours would be =
great! Any tips?


  Jervis Groeneveld

  Mijehof 271

  1106 HH Amsterdam.

  Bereikbaar via 020 774 8657 en 06 4231 3333


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