Re: beginning blues chrom questions

Jason..................I won't open the tongue-block vs. pucker
embouchure debate, but personally, I find the pucker embouchure to be
much more comfortable and condusive to melodic playing.  You are correct
about a lot of beginning Chromatic blues players (which certainly
includes me)  play in Dm because it is quite easy to do.  Just hold the
button in and play octaves.  It is comparable to 3rd position on a
diatonic in C.  To play in other keys, the simplest thing to do is pick
up a Chromatic in a different key, just as you would a diatonic.  In the
long run its probably better to learn to play in the other keys on the
same Chromatic.  But ligher or lower keyed Chromatics will have a
different feel or tonal quality to them.  Its all a matter of personal

Best Regards to All,

Larry Boy Pratt 

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