Re: Pro Jr speaker

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Might try a Weber VST C10N with H dust cap.  I run two of these in a 5F6A
Bassman circuit combo. A pair of Weber P10Rs sit in boxes.  To my ear the
C10N has a warm horn-y tone with high end rolloff that is nice for harp and
modest breakup.  Sounds more full then an alnico and without the raspy
alnico breakup.  

Jim R
Try a reissue C10Q from Jensen. For the money (around 30-35 dollars), and for 
the sound it is the best speaker going. It fits nicely in the Pro Jr. and 
IMHO should come stock with the amp. Also let me again say that the Pro Jr. is 
one of the best amps going on in Fender's line right now. I have heard other 
speakers used in the Pro Jr. (Jensen reissue P10R's, Weber C10N's, 10" Naylor 
speakers, as well as some 10" JBL's) and the one that suits it the best tends to 
be the C10Q. 


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