Re: Hering 1923

They don't make the Vintage 1923 in the low keys.  Are you referring to 
another model?

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>Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 00:28:41 +0200
>So far I have mixed feelings about the 1923 harp.
>I have a full set of 15 harps(including low F, low E and !! low D).
>Most harps stay in tune pretty well, but 2 went down after a few hours of
>(intense) playing.
>I don't know if this has anything to do with the thickness of the
>I noticed that the used is superb, no swelling so they are sealed very 
>I have customized Marine Band (from Tony Ramos). The wood is soaked is
>beeswax and treated with "schellack" (germand word that I can't translate).
>But after a 2 hour practice session the wood around holes 4 -5 -6 starts
>swelling (a little). It feels a bit uncomfartable but the harps are 
>airtight, perfect tuned. He uses reedplates from Hohner with fresh (not
>tuned..) reeds.
>The slot embossing is done very,very carefully and he claims a tolereance
>between reed and slot from 0,01 mm.
>This is my first harp where bending on hole 3 is as easy as on 1-2-4-6.
>On  you can find detailed info about customized harps
>(Filisko...Ramos...) with very good photos rom reeds, slots etc etc.
>Ben Bouman
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