RE: Musicman 410 HD for Harp

I used to use the 210 HD, 65/130 watt version for a short time (same 
head with just two speakers).   This was more because I got it cheap 
than due to other reasons.  These are hybrid amps with a solid-state 
preamp and tube power section with either 2 or 4 power tubes and solid 
state rectifier. .  I wouldn't say it was a bad amp (just wanted to 
stay clean too long, and forget about using the high power switch), but 
I much prefer what an all-tube amp can do for you . The 4 10 is 
extremely heavy due to the massive speakers those came with (I put 
eminence ceramics in mine and kept the volume down).  There are also 
some  well-known issues with the power tube section melting down on the 
early ones although mine ran ok.    I would look elsewhere in 4X10 land 

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