SF Blues fest.,Rick Epping, and the XB-40

I had the pleasure of meeting Rick Epping at the Hohner booth at the SF blues festival this weekend.  He had an XB-40 with him to play for me and I must say I am impressed.  Not only with the harmonica but Rick as well.  It is obvious that he is very passionate at what he does and was very accomodating with all the questions I asked.  It was nice to talk to the man that has all the answers about the XB-40.  The XB-40 will definately have a place in the music I play when I get one.  The tone is what I would consider a hybrid tone.  It doesnt sound completely like a diatonic nor does it sound completely like a chromatic.  It has a wonderful blend of both that will allow the player to play some very expressive bluesy stuff and then will allow the player to play several different types of music.  All with a great deal more chromaticism.  It is not a chromatic, and it is not a diatonic.  However it is a wonderful blend of great ideas from both harmonicas.  I will add more to this 
later.  I have to get ready for school.  
Congrats to Rick on a wonderful design.  More to come.

regards and respect,
Roger Gonzales

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