A few months ago I suggested practicing while amplified was a waste of 
practice time. I was wrong. It helped at the gig last night. Experiment with 
your hand cupping. While a tight cup works well for a lot of rock and blues, 
using a hand vibrato works well for country and 70's rock country.Also, 
while this might sound obvious, some serious woodshedding even when you've 
been playing for years, really helps. For people who haven't experimented 
with alternate tuned harps, try a natural minor amplified over a rock 
band-very nice. The high octaves sound excellent and the high octaves with a 
head shake sound positively psychedelic. It was a Downeast wedding gig so on 
top of a little pay we each got coolers with lobsters and clams. 

On a side note, one of the guys in the band just bought a vintage Ampeg 
porta flex amp in mint condition. The guy that sold it says he's got an 
early 60s Gibson amp and a couple of old Astatics. I'm going to have a long 
talk with my wife. I fear gear fever is taking over. 

Blues fans-while it's fun playing blues, nothing beats playing Johnny Cash 
loud at a small town bar. 

Rainbow Jimmy 

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