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Hi Bullfrog,
I bought two sets of 12 from Musician Fiends
last year...they are not selling them now, however, you can buy them off =
ebay at the harmonica site two for $7 can't go wrong at that price just =
make sure that all notes play before the other party sends them to you.  =
Reviews were very good on Harp-l when they came out that's where I found =
out about them.  Every harp has some breaking in time so give it a =
chance.  Do you read the news letters from Harmonica Masterclass   =
www.HarmonicaSessions.com -there's one article on changing cover plates =
on the Marine Bands to one without vents, seems to improve the =
tone...I'm going to try this with the 1923.  Rod  Piazza says to cup  a =
Marine Band tighter to get better tonal qulity from the harp, it's hard =
to change the tone with the 1923 thru a tight cup.  The palabilty was =
fine right out of the box and loud too don't really need to bend the =
cover plate up.   A Johnson Blues King has a plastic comb with brass =
reeds and comes with a nut/bolt screw - easy to access and gap if =
needed. The Special 20 is a little louder but it doesn't take long to =
get use to=20
the playability of the blues king...$3 you can't go wrong to have a few =

Regards, Mr B


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