Re: gussing

I agree. After going through all it takes to:

1. learn an instrument
2, put together a band
3. practice
4. book the gigs
5. haul the stuff
6. set it up
7. play (your @ss off hoping it works for the audience as well as it works
for you and the band)
8. and take it down, pack it up, and go home
I can't believe that wanting the moment to belong to you, your band, and the
audience should be interrupted by someone who just walks up uninvited and
decides to jump in. Turning this into issues of ego dominance, control, and
threats to world peace is a lot hyperbole and bullsh@t.

There is a guy out here named Little Johnny (and the Unknown Blues Band) who
is close to sainthood as far as letting people sit-in. I have sat-in with
his band several times on regular gigs and he has been generous enough to
let me stay for whole sets, not just numbers. He even supplies the gear
(except for my harps of course). And I'm not the only guy. A lot of
different musicians come on and off with his band and it works because he
knows what he's doing.
When I show up I bring my case and hope it will work out. However I try to
make it clear to him that I don't EXPECT or TAKE FOR GRANTED that he will
let me up. If he said something like "hey man we're full tonight" I wouldn't
have a meltdown because it's HIS gig and he does a lot of work to make it
happen (a LOT of work, the guy plays a heck of a lot of gigs). If he needed
a hand with equipment, I'd do it. If he needed a beer, I'd get it. To me
that's a small price to pay for his generosity.  That said, if I saw someone
gussing his gig without his OK it would make my blood boil. If someone is
playing a house it is their gig and their gig ONLY. They have a deal with
the house and that's why they are there. Anything after that is a FAVOR from
friends (kudos again to Michelle) and showing respect by ASKING to play is
the least you can do for the people who worked so hard to get stage time.
Stay off the coattails unless you are asked to jump on.

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> Yeah, that's it. You've exposed my horrible inner secret. It has
> nothing to do with wanting the band/music to sound as good as it can.
> By the way, I heartily urge all people with similar views to sit at the
> front of the stage and gus a show by James Harman, then come back to
> Harp-L and tell us how it panned out...
> B^P
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>> Subject: gussing
>> the real reason you all dont like gussing so much:
>> the word itself is just a tool to humiliate and
>> silence those who might stand up and challenge your
>> authority.
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