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Hi Pete,
Make sure it has an alnico magnet speaker and a voice coil of not more than
1-1/2", like a Weber SVT. Mojotone MP10R, or an Eminence Legend (the 8 ohm,
20 watt version). If you go for the more headroom deal, you'll feed back
real quick before you get anything decent out ofit, like the way the stcck
Blues Juniors are. Also, on the amp, roll off the tone control completely.
As far as tubes go, I basically recommend changing the tubes to the same
stock numbers, but get NOS (new old stock) US or Western European made
tubes. If you were to change any tube to a different number, it would be the
preamp tuvbe in the fdirst gain stage,m which will be the one closest to the
input jack, and what I'd recommend would be changing to an NOS 12AY7/6072,
but just the change to NOS tubes of the same numbers will be fine.

BTW, If you have an older Fender PA100, those are tube hwads, and the
circuit is more like a Twin Reverb.

Barbeque Bob Maglinte
Boston, MA
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  I'm new to harp-l...and looking forward to the journey.

  I've mostly played with a very warm and clean tone (Fender PA100,
Electrovoice 100S speakers, AKG D321 mic and Boss analog delay).

  The current band line up requires a fat overdriven horn tone.
  I have a Fender Pro Junior 15watt, with 10" speaker, for the task. Mic is
a Shure 520 SLB (green bullet), The valves are all standard. The speaker is
dead and need replacing.

  Q1. Any ideas on  replacement speakers? Is it better to have a speaker
with early 'break-up'? Or one that is cleaner with more headroom, and let
the valve saturation alone creat the tone?

  Q2. Any suggestions on valve combinations would be appreciated.

  Many thanks
  Pete Knapton

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