Fender Pro Junior

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I'm new to harp-l...and looking forward to the journey.

I've mostly played with a very warm and clean tone (Fender PA100, =
Electrovoice 100S speakers, AKG D321 mic and Boss analog delay).

The current band line up requires a fat overdriven horn tone.=20
I have a Fender Pro Junior 15watt, with 10" speaker, for the task. Mic =
is a Shure 520 SLB (green bullet), The valves are all standard. The =
speaker is dead and need replacing.

Q1. Any ideas on  replacement speakers? Is it better to have a speaker =
with early 'break-up'? Or one that is cleaner with more headroom, and =
let the valve saturation alone creat the tone?

Q2. Any suggestions on valve combinations would be appreciated.

Many thanks
Pete Knapton =20

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